Laravel - WordPress

Designing all kinds of dedicated Laravel websites and ready-made WordPress templates


Optimizing, increasing loading speed and SEO, and increasing the ranking of all types of websites

Android - IOS

Designing all kinds of Android and IOS mobile applications

Game - VR - AR

Designing all kinds of mobile games, VR, and AR

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City developers

By using the best technology in the world to design all kinds of dedicated Laravel websites and ready-made WordPress templates, and mobile apps and games under Android and IOS operating systems, and website optimization and SEO, we are at your service, dear customers. City developers software group works in the fields of Laravel exclusive website design and WordPress-ready templates, Android and IOS applications, 2D and 3D mobile games on different platforms, and website optimization and SEO. has it.
City Developers Group has taken a big step in designing all kinds of modern websites and mobile applications with a team of experts in the field of front-end and back-end design.

Unparalleled support at

City developers software group

All projects have long-term technical support, and during this period all defects and updates will be done for free. We have provided 1 year of free support for normal projects and 2 years of free support for startup projects.

Any technical problems arising in the projects will be investigated and resolved as soon as possible within 48 hours after notification to the company. Click to read more.

City developers software group

City Developers Group provides services in the field of designing all kinds of customized websites coded in a Laravel environment, all kinds of WordPress-ready template websites, and management panels.

Designing all kinds of practical applications, stores, education, etc. online and offline by Android Studio and Swift

Designing all kinds of online and offline mobile games for Android and IOS using Unity and Unreal game engines

Increasing the loading speed, optimizing the website, SEO, and increasing ranking in Google for all kinds of stores, corporate websites, etc.

The city developers team has something to say!

Designing websites using Laravel, Vue Js frameworks, WordPress sites and building applications in an Android Studio

Ali Ahmadi
CEO and Full Stack Developer

Front-end design and implementation of all kinds of modern websites using the Angular framework

Faezeh Amini
Front end programmer

Designing a variety of exclusive websites using the Laravel framework and ready-made WordPress templates

Ashkan Baghayeri
Backend programmer

Designing, programming, and running all kinds of mobile games, virtual reality, and augmented reality in Unity and Unreal

Abolfazl Mohammadi
Game developer, VR and AR
Senior manager of content production, SEO and sales management for all types of store and corporate websites on all platforms
Negin Eskandari
Content production and SEO

Designing and implementing all kinds of the store, corporate, and educational websites using WordPress

Reza Amiri
WordPress designer

City Developers Support Team

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