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The city developers team has a long experience in designing and producing all kinds of dedicated websites and WordPress and all kinds of Android and iOS applications, as well as all kinds of mobile games and optimization and SEO of all kinds of websites. In this section, learn more about the city developers team.

Ali Ahmadi (CEO and full stack of website and Android application design)

My name is Ali Ahmadi and I am 32 years old. I entered the world of programming with Visual Basic programming language almost when I was in high school. After a while, when I got to know Android, I left Visual Studio and started making Android apps with Android Studio. Of course, I wrote several Android apps in Visual Studio with Xamarin, but in the end, I prefer Android Studio with Java and Kotlin. Along the way, I got to know PHP and later Laravel and started to design the website. I started from the place where I was working alone and learned front-end and got acquainted with Vuejs. From that day on, I was hungry to learn and learned all platforms and programming languages ​​and back-end and front-end design tools. Now, after many years, I am a full-stack website and Android developer. Of course, sometimes I implement sites with WordPress for fun.

Faezeh Amini (front end Angular programmer)

hi, My name is Faezeh Amini and I am 27 years old. I have a bachelor's degree in software. During my university days, at the suggestion of one of my friends, I started studying html and css, apart from academic subjects, and I just got acquainted with the world of programming. At that time, I just realized that website programming is divided into two parts, back-end, and front-end. I found that I am more interested in the front end. So I started learning javascript and I got a skill in java. After my research and at the suggestion of my teacher, I chose the Angular framework, which is a strong framework, to learn. I want to start learning React recently. Now after 4 years, I am a front-end website developer.

Ashkan Baghairi (backend programmer with Laravel framework)

I am Ashkan Baghairi, 23 years old, from the 1st semester of the University of Computer Science, I got to know the city developers team. I started my career in the front field. But after 6 months I came to Bengali, currently my field of work is Bengali, during these years I was working with PHP language and Laravel framework, but I switched to language Golang and I am currently working on Golang and Laravel plugins

Abolfazl Mohammadi (game programming, AR, VR)

My name is Abolfazl Mohammadi, born in 1372, software engineering expert, 10 years of experience in the field of game design in various markets and organizations, and I am the director of Beta Studio. One of my most important goals in this field is to form a cohesive group in the field of game development and animation and product creation. I am at the global level.

Saeed Maleki (optimization and SEO)

My name is Saeed Maleki and I am 30 years old. I have a university degree in software, but I could never establish a good relationship with coding and programming. That's why I went and searched and found my interest and saw the specialized SEO and optimization course because I am very interested in optimizing SEO websites. I started this job a long time ago and during this time I did a lot of work and had successful experiences, but finally, I got to know the city developers team and became a member of this team. SEO and optimization, increasing the speed, increasing the ranking of the website to the first page of Google is my specialty

Reza Amiri (WordPress site designer)

My name is Reza Amiri and I am 17 years old. I haven't gone to university yet, but I'm very interested in programming, but I didn't know if I could learn it. But in the end, I officially entered the world of programming by starting HTML and CSS. I also started javascript very, very early. I also passed the WordPress course. Now, finally, I am a UI/UX designer and ready-to-use WordPress sites. But I'm still on my way and I'm learning more and improving every day. I am most interested in back-end and I would like to become a back-end developer. Of course, I also started this work, but it's a long way...


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