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City Developers software group has over 10 years of experience designing dedicated Laravel and WordPress websites, Android applications, IOS, mobile games, and optimization and SEO.
About us and the field of activity of this group, it should be said that it is divided into three working sections: designing dedicated websites and WordPress, mobile applications, and mobile games. By having the most efficient methods and the most skilled forces, we have become a powerful team in producing these systems. To learn more about our projects, you can refer to the portfolio section and learn more about us. We have also taken effective steps in the field of education. To view tutorials, refer to the blog section of the website.

Web Design :

Designing all kinds of WordPress-ready and dedicated websites with the powerful PHP language and the popular Laravel framework in the form of news, shopping, music download, corporate, educational, tourism, food ordering, etc.

Application design:

Designing all kinds of mobile applications for Android and IOS operating systems exclusively in the form of messaging, shopping, educational, food ordering, corporate, health, etc. applications with global standards

Game design:

Designing and implementing all kinds of mobile games on the Android and IOS platforms in different genres, including running, horror, sports, and online competitions in 2D and 3D modes.

Optimization and SEO:

Optimization and SEO of all types of stores, corporate websites, and…

IOS Applications


Designing all kinds of corporate, store, service, educational, film and music, advertising, static and dynamic websites with the latest technology is our specialty. Leave your website design to us at the lowest prices. City Developers Group guarantees the quality of projects for you. This company is a leader in this industry by having experts in this field.


Leave the creation of unique Android and iOS applications to us. We build your projects with the best quality and in the shortest time. We are experts in the field of producing all kinds of online, offline, store, service, utility, health, etc. applications. These projects can be implemented in both Android and IOS operating systems with the latest global standards.

Mobile games

Designing mobile games and virtual reality is our specialty. Entrust us with the design and production of all kinds of online, offline, puzzle, family, board, adventure, horror, 2D, 3D, etc. games. Together with our team, your ideas will become reality. These projects can be implemented for Android and IOS as well as with all kinds of game engines.

Discounts for startups

The City Developers Group has special discounts and benefits for startup projects and technologists’ ideas.

Percent Discounts for startups
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The city developers team has something to say!

Designing websites using Laravel, Vue Js frameworks, WordPress sites and building applications in an Android Studio

Ali Ahmadi
CEO and Full Stack Developer

Front-end design and implementation of all kinds of modern websites using the Angular framework

Faezeh Amini
Front end programmer

Designing a variety of exclusive websites using the Laravel framework and ready-made WordPress templates

Ashkan Baghayeri
Backend programmer

Designing, programming, and mobile games, virtual reality, and augmented reality in Unity and Unreal environments

Abolfazl Mohammadi
Game developer, VR and AR

Senior manager of content production and SEO for all types of store and company websites on all platforms

Saeed Maleki
Content production and SEO

Designing and implementing all kinds of the store, corporate, and educational websites using WordPress

Reza Amiri
WordPress designer

City Developers Support Team

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