Download sample contracts for closed projects

Dear customers, you can download the agreement sample and read it before signing. The signed contract is guaranteed by the city developers software group, and you can easily enter into a cooperation contract. This agreement is drawn up in two copies and signed by the parties, and each copy will be valid on its own. If you want to get information about us, click on this link.

Why should we sign a contract?

Signing an agreement in business relations will prevent business misunderstandings. Also, the employer and the executive can better claim their rights if necessary. The city developers software group suggests that you read the full text of the agreement before visiting in person. City developers software group; Leader in designing all kinds of modern websites, Android and IOS mobile applications and mobile games, and website optimization and SEO in Iran.

Subjects mentioned in the contract

  • Issue
  • Period
  • Amount
  • Obligations of the contractor
  • Obligations of the employer
  • Description of project facilities
  • Termination of Contract
  • Deprivation of the right of assignment
  • Dispute Resolution

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