What is the Vue.js framework? What are its advantages and uses?

While JavaScript is quite an advanced language on its own, its ecosystem is much more than the language itself. Tools like frameworks make a developer’s life much easier by providing a framework for smoother development. If the language of the alphabet is considered, frameworks can be thought of as phrasebooks that enable the developer to construct sentences and communicate.

If you have been following the JS framework market trends, you may know that the main competitors in the competition are React and Angular. The latest survey by Stack Overflow confirms React’s dominance this year, with Angular being the most used among professionals. But there is another contender in this list and that is the Vue.js framework.

What is the Vue.js framework?
Vue.js is a JavaScript framework used to build UI (User Interface) and SPA (Single Page Applications). The Vue.js framework is known for its fast learning curve. It has an easy-to-learn library that, with knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, we can start building web applications in Vue.js. A fast learning curve is a hallmark of the Vue.js framework. Vue.js is a complete framework for our need for a library or a full-fledged framework for building large web applications.

Evan, You created this framework. The idea behind this framework is to create the best framework by combining the best features of Angular and React. Before building Vue.js, Evan You was working on Angular-based projects at Google and thought of building his framework. He took the best parts of Angular and the best parts of React and combined them to create a new framework. Vue.js framework is better than both of them.

Vue.js framework
Vue.js framework
Evolution and growth of the Vue.js framework
The Vue.js framework was released in 2014. Since then, it has been continuously developing. At the beginning of 2018, Vue.js started beating Angular and became more popular in the market. Later, in September 2018, Evan You decided to release Vue 3.0. Vue.js is constantly evolving as its usage and user community grow rapidly. This community will continue to grow as it is built on the best-combined features of Angular and React.

What is the Vue.js framework used for?
1. Prototypes
A prototype in web development is a model of your web design that can show how the website will work, before you build and launch the website, you can use the prototype to do the necessary checks. give

The Vue.js framework is designed for prototyping. Evan You’s initial inspiration was working on prototypes in a browser at Google. Frustrated with AngularJS, he created a suitable alternative for this task.

2. User interface (UI) projects
Since the Vue.js framework can only be used with standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, building a UI project in Vue.js is very easy. Other features of Vue.js like its easy learning curve and fast rendering are also a big help.

3. Available applications
The Vue.js framework can be a great way to add functionality to existing applications. Because it’s small and relies on JavaScript, it’s relatively easy to integrate with any existing JavaScript project.

Not to mention, the Vue.js framework is compatible with many backend technologies such as Laravel, Express.js, Django, and Ruby.

4. Mobile application development
There is no native support for Vue.js mobile app development. But several projects facilitate its use.

Capacitor is a project created for cross-platform development. Using it and Vue.js it is possible to create native iOS and Android apps or web apps (PWA).

Or you can use NativeScript, which powers cross-platform native apps. Using it and Vue.js, you can use JavaScript throughout your entire development project.

5. Single-page applications (SPA)
SPA single-page application
SPA single-page application
The easiest way to explain single-page apps is to think of them as web pages that don’t need to be refreshed. Hence, they are very similar to mobile apps.

The background of this phenomenon involves dynamically rewriting the web page with new data from the web server instead of reloading completely new pages. In some ways, this is the best use for the Vue.js framework. SPAs like Vue.js keep things simple.

Advantages of the Vue.js framework
1. Lightweight:
The Vue.js framework is so tiny, it’s almost laughable. This framework is only 18 KB. Blinking takes longer than loading.

2. Easy start:
Getting started with the Vue.js framework is easy, and it is this feature that has been the main factor behind its growing adoption and expansion among programmers. To start coding in Vue, you don’t necessarily need as much understanding of libraries, JSX, or TypeScript as you do with Angular or React. All that is required is basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

3. Strong community:
The VueJS online community is fantastic. The fact that the Vue.js framework is not supported by a company like Facebook or Google has attracted Vue fans. As a result, there are several guides to help you, as well as very active Reddit and Discord channels to answer your questions.

4. Virtual DOM
As the user interacts with the HTML-based web page, the browser with

Update the information and present it to the user’s page by changing the state of the objects. This process is usually cumbersome and slow, as the entire page must be updated even if only one object changes. VueJS uses a virtual copy of the original DOM to determine which elements need to be updated without re-rendering the entire DOM. This greatly improves application performance and speed.

In this case, changes are not made to the DOM, instead, a copy of the DOM is created, which exists in the form of JavaScript data structures. Whenever changes are to be made, they are made to the JavaScript data structure and then to the structure The original data is compared. The final changes are then updated to the actual DOM where the user will see the change. It costs less and changes can be made more quickly.

5. Ability to divide and reuse
In VueJS, each part of a web page or application is expressed as an element or component. These can be written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These pieces of code can be reused as templates for similar system elements. Because they are stored in separate files, the layout is very easy to understand – which means easier to maintain and repair. Testing can verify that even the smallest application components work on their own.

Because of this flexibility, the Vue.js framework can be integrated with almost any existing application. It’s JavaScript-based and doesn’t need any other tools to work. Switching from React or Angular to VueJS isn’t a problem, because Vue is a hybrid of the two and can work with both Model View Controller and Component-Based Architecture.

Disadvantages of the Vue.js framework
1. Language:
VueJS was developed in China and is therefore very popular there. Some of the forum discussions, plugin descriptions, and tutorial documents are in Chinese, so some concepts may have trouble translating.

2. Weak package:
So since VueJS lacks significant support, it lacks support to adapt to large-scale projects. This technology is not strong enough to provide immediate solutions to the problems that a large company is going to face.

Also, although more and more tools are being developed, VueJS has a long way to go compared to the plethora of tools that React and Angular have.

3. Insufficient experience:
Since VueJS is not as old as its competitors and took some time to penetrate the market and be widely adopted by programmers, the job market does not have many developers with VueJS experience.

VueJS has experienced this rise in popularity because it is very easy for developers to adapt and implement the basic elements that any application or website needs as a user interface.

Getting started with VueJS is very easy, and those familiar with basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding languages can work with it.

The big plus is that the tooling and support will only get better with wider use, and the fact that Vue can work with frameworks like React and Angular without a huge investment shows that the framework is very capable.


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